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From: paris
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DMQ Source

DMQ: source would be a future quake 5? tongue


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Re: DMQ Source

Nah, Q5 will need a single player.  They still need to put out RAGE and Doom4 before we will ever see it.

What Quake 5 should be: A return to the "original" Lovecraftian Quake I storyline, return to the Slipgates with variations of the original weapons and obviously better monsters and graphics.  This way Id can capitalize on the whole pentagram - 5 thing.  New and game specific well thought out changes to the T5 engine.  The flagship of future online deathmatch.

What Quake 5 probably will be: Stroggs... again.  Likely Stroggs during the invasion of Earth portion of the story.  A cheesy afterthought to Doom4 using all the scraps that never made it into Doom4 and RAGE with a weak storyline and laggy multiplayer.

It really seems they've not put a lot of effort into anything Quake that isn't RAGE related lately, and never seemed interested in getting Quake 4's MP off the ground / left it unsupported.   Maybe they need better writers?

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